Renault Clio-admirable car

28 Dec

There are many populaces in this world who love to buy Renault car because it is world famous for its immeasurable innovative blueprint, safety knowledge and speed competition. Renault’s most winning car model is the Renault Clio which is a supermini that is a classified bigger than a city car yet smaller than a small family car.  The car is best in class in terms of space. The front of the car is decorated by the floodlights which stretch till the wings with an eye catchy logo of the company at centre.

Renault Clio

The interiors of the car have also been completely refurbished. The dials are clear. The red backlights and climate control are well laid out. The surround sound around the AC vents is an interesting development. The seats are finished neatly for a costly appearance. The interior of Renault Clio was attractive basic with the dashboard, gear lever and door trims all in plain black. The stereo system was the standard CD/MP3 which is fitted in the entry model and also easy to navigate and gave reasonable sound quality. The stereo can be controlled via the steering wheel mounted controls, located just behind the indicator. The seats were comfortable and easy to adjust. So Renault Clio is good one to purchase.


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