Vw golf – awesome car

6 Dec

The Volkswagen Golf is an exceedingly popular car model. The Golf takes the Volkswagen rear in the guide due to its steadfastness, reliability and also good excellence. Vw Golf  GTI from VW is loaded with four cylinders which are two liter engine with a Turbo Fuel Stratified booster and 197 bhp at 280 Nm. This car comes with 6 speeds DSG and also with the availability of six gear manual transmission. This vehicle gave the purchaser the choice of selecting a TDI or TSI twin charger 1.4 liter engine. With this engine facility people had a choice to pick between diesel and petrol. So people can get the engine of their choice.
Vw golf
Manufacturing team of the company has the great role for making the car and it is the main reason behind the achievement of this car which was the team that had designed the famous multi link control blade autonomous rear suspension system. The major cause for the sale of Vw Golf is the point that it has great on road capability and it is the car which is the best one car in handling. Safety is one of the areas in which Vw golf stand out and provides 9 air bags and also included one for driver knee, side impact protection, anti-lock brakes, electronic brake force distribution and many more things.


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